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Direct mail now officially has superpowers!

Integrate direct mail with smartphone technology to improve customer response rates and overall engagement and sales

  1. Grab attention with personalised video
  2. Improve engagement with dynamic and personalised content
  3. One-click response from your direct mail to improve response
  4. Gain insight by tracking responder behaviour

Adding a personalised QR code onto a direct mail letter or parcel is easier than ever before and gives potential customers instant access to interactive branded content, immediately driving engagement.

By scanning the QR code using a smartphone camera, users are taken to a browser-based app connected experience, offering product information, discount codes, competitions and interactive games or augmented reality (AR) experiences, and the data collected is all trackable in real-time.

Combining personalised QR codes with our PURL technology will take your direct mail to the next level.

Contact me at or 0345 121 2280 to find out more.

John Noble