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Email Marketing Vs Social Media – which is better?

There is a lot of discussion amongst marketers and digital marketing professionals. On the one hand, we have a tried-and-tested channel and on the other we have the new kid on the block who has revolutionised the way we interact with brands. Don’t forget that email marketing used to be the new kid on the block that revolutionised the way we communicate.

So, which is it? It’s probably both and neither, as there is no right answer. Both channels have their place in today’s marketing mix.

Despite the evangelicals declaring “Email is dead”, email continues to perform and deliver consistent ROI. But whilst email still converts better overall, nothing beats social media for keeping customers engaged, educated and informed in real-time.

So the smart money is not on choosing one over the other, but by using and recognising the value and benefits of both. Furthermore we should be looking at how to do things better, such as integrating Personalised URLs in your next Email marketing campaign.

John Noble