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Gain competitive advantage from opt-In campaigns

There is much noise about the forthcoming EU Data Protection Directive and how this will impact on our ability to use customer and prospect data, especially when it comes to conducting Email Marketing, Direct Mail and Telemarketing campaigns.

However, all is not lost. Those who have opt-in and fully compliant databases will have a massive competitive advantage over those who don’t. Therefore, there is a strong argument to take action now to get your customers and prospects to opt-in to various marketing channels.

The quickest and most cost effective way is to conduct an opt-in campaign via email, which drives people to a personalised landing page where they can actively manage their marketing preferences. The use of PURLs would be ideal for this type of opt-in campaign. PURLs can also be deployed with direct mail for the very same purpose.

Not only will a personalised landing page provide a simple, convenient and concise format for your customers and prospects, It will help you manage the process and meet the requirements where you would have to prove consent.

If you would like to find out more about running an opt-in campaign and how you might use PURLs, Please do not hesitate to contact us

John Noble