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My PURL campaign didn’t perform for me?

This is something that we have heard before and it is one of the most common objections to using PURL Technology in marketing campaigns.

It is fair to say that whilst using Personalised URLs they are not the magic marketing bullet that will suddenly transform your e-mail or direct mail response rates, if your PURL campaign didn’t perform, it is likely that it was your campaign that did not perform and the use of PURLs gave you the visibility and insight to make this conclusion.

The more experienced PURL users are using PURLs to test legacy marketing and then further AB testing to measure PURL activations from varying direct mail formats, e-mail subject lines or importantly, differing lists or database selections / targeting.

PURLs give you real insight into campaign performance and sometimes this insight can highlight the fact that you may be doing something wrong or that there is room for improvements to be made.