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The Hare and the Tortoise effect : Why snail mail is overtaking digital channels.


As a leading data provider and marketing agency in the UK, we are often asked by our clients which channel is best for marketing campaigns.

A key question to ask before creating any marketing campaign is which marketing channel offers the best levels of engagement with your target audience?

PURLs continue to be a notable success with many of our global clients as they are quick to put together and send on a global scale, cost effective, personal and easy to measure - perfect for engaging with target markets who engage by email or on their mobile throughout their working day.

The key channel never to be overlooked, however, is direct mail. Despite being shunned in the past, we are delighted to see a continued increase in presence and demand for direct mail. A tangible, interactive method of engagement that can drive positive brand effect and produce fantastic ROI in a digitally dominated landscape.

Planning a direct mail campaign soon?

Here are 3 key reasons for implementing direct mail in your marketing strategy:

1. Direct mail attracts more customers

Numerous studies have indicated that direct mail provides better prospecting results than email marketing. A study by the Direct Marketing Association shows that direct mail is 10 to 30 times more effective than email at attracting new customers.

2. First impressions count

Printed marketing material provides a great platform to get creative and reach out to your target markets in a unique and original way, allowing you to customise that all important first impression. With direct mail, there are many customizable, built-in cues that signal to the receiver your piece of mail is attractive and worth reading.

3. Direct mail is more likely to get opened or seen

Direct mail offers are far more likely to be noticed -- and therefore opened -- due to a significant lack of competition in comparison to email marketing. Furthermore, most physical mail boxes don’t come equipped with a spam filter.

If your marketing campaigns aren’t getting the results you have hoped for, try direct marketing as a proven communication channel to get your business seen by the right people.

Need help finding prospects for your next campaign?

Our data lists and print team offer a fully managed direct mail service to produce quality marketing material and guaranteed contact information to engage with prospects in your chosen industry.

For more information contact Pro Active Business Information today.

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