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The role of data in a world of Marketing Automation

B2B organisations are investing in marketing technology at an accelerating rate. In fact, IDC predicts that CMOs will drive up to $32.3B in marketing technology spend by 2018. This phenomenal growth has big implications for B2B marketers in relation to their data.

In a recent report (2015 State of Marketing Data), where 225 million B2B records were analysed, the findings were truly shocking:

  • • 62% of companies’ email deliverability was “questionable” at best
  • • 66% of records were missing revenue and industry data (critical lead scoring components)
  • • 41% of contacts lacked a working phone number

Email Deliverability
Much of the marketing automation technology relies on email communications as the primary communication channel. Therefore more focus needs to be placed on email address quality if marketers are to avoid unpredictable program results, Missed opportunities and declining sender scores. They must address this issue…. And fast!

Record Completeness
Record completeness continues to be an area where B2B marketers struggle and it presents issues when it Comes to effective segmentation. If a B2B marketer wants to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns, segmentation will be a key driver.

Working Phone Numbers
Demand generation teams need to generate leads. However, without working phone numbers within the database, Leads will not advance down the sales funnels. It seems completely illogical to generate a lead via email, then pass this to sales teams in a format where they cannot follow up.

So how does your data stack up?
Pro-Active provides free data audits to clients to see where improvements can be made. Please Feel free to talk to one of our data planners to find out more.

John Noble