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Using PURL technology to boost PPC

How many times do you as a potential customer click on a Google Ad only to be taken to a generic landing page or website? How relevant is that landing page to your original search?

Best practice, when it comes to PPC, would indicate that the landing page you visit, after clicking, should be relevant to the specific advert you responded to.

Furthermore, the landing page should better reflect the search terms that you used. For example if you searched for “Red Car” you would expect to see pictures of a red car. If you searched for “car costs”, you would expect to see prices.

When running PPC campaigns, the vast majority of effort is placed on the search terms and the ads that are served. More often than not, little attention is given to the landing page.

Serving a highly relevant content on your landing page may be simple for You to achieve if you have a narrow portfolio of products or services, but if your product or service offering is extensive, then you would have to potentially build multiple landing pages at a significant cost. Maybe this is a barrier to most people.

However, at Pro-Active, we have adapted our Personalised URL technology to enable clients to build a single dynamic landing page, which then serves up tailored content based upon any given keyword search.

If you make your landing page relevant to the specific keyword search, the chances of conversion are much higher.

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John Noble