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Benefits of Print: Why is print marketing a vital channel in your marketing mix?

With the digital revolution still in full swing, it’s easy to overlook traditional marketing channels in your marketing strategy. However, as we become bombarded by digital and online content, print is creating more engagement with prospects who favour the tangible and personal nature of print marketing.

As inboxes continue to become cluttered with high volumes of content on a daily basis, print creates a great opportunity to cut through the noise and get your business seen. In addition, research suggests that 44% of people visit a brand’s website after receiving direct mail marketing.

According to recent research studies, print is an effective marketing to build trust between brands and their prospects with 61% of people trust adverts in newspapers and magazines compared to 42% who trust online adverts.

A staggering 92% of young purchasers confirmed that they prefer direct mail for making a purchase decision and non-profit organisations often rely on direct mail marketing to generate almost 80% of their donations.

Print is no longer a traditional marketing channel. With digital, litho and 3D print capabilities, print campaigns can be just as innovative, creative and personal as a well-constructed digital campaign. 

For optimum results and the best return on investment with your marketing campaigns, make sure direct mail features in your marketing strategy.

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